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FHA has a new name; it is now Family, Career, Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). Purposes for FCCLA are as follows: provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life, strengthen the family, encourage democracy, encourage individual and group involvement in the community and the world, provide opportunities for assuming responsibilities, prepare for the multiple roles of men and women in today's society, and promote family and consumer science occupations. Any student grades 7-12 enrolled in a Family and Consumer Science class is automatically a member of FCCLA. 
Lisa Lovett, Advisor


The first Future Farmers of America was established in 1929 and the official FFA creed and colors were adopted in 1930, but it is uncertain when the first FFA at WCHS was officially organized. However, at the time of the first Winsaga in 1948, Mr. O.B. Davis was the advisor. From 1953 until 1971, Mr. J.H. Whitson was advisor. He then became the first director of the Winston County Technical School. Mr. John Sudduth has been the advisor from 1971 until the present. The first FFA Sweetheart was Miss Pat Shaddix in 1960. In the early days, dairy judging was the big FFA event and today it involves Livestock Judging, Land Judging, and Forestry Judging. They use to sell candy and operate a drink machine for funding, but today they operate a huge fruit and ham sale before the holidays. Their shop projects are still an outstanding feature of the FFA program. 
Byron Tuggle, Advisor

Annual Winsaga

The annual Winsaga, also known as Winston County High School's yearbook has been a tradition at WCHS for many years. Winsgaga's goal is to showcase the student's daily lives and accomplishments as accurately as possible. The annual yearbook is a source of pride here at WCHS, because it gives credit in some places where credit may not be recognized. The annual's sponser is Paula Harris, who was an English teacher for many years prior up to this point. 2018 is her first year supervising the yearbook, and she is ecstatic to be able to continue on this tradition. The Winsgaga staff is made up of 7 students, chosen by the sponser, that are thought to be responsible, creative, well-rounded individuals. The book is updated throughout the year, by the staff, as events happen. A large amount of time is dedicated to making the yearbook great by both the sponser, and the staff every single year. 


BETA club is an organization, founded in 1934 by Dr. John W. Harris, that promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership, and service among elementary and secondary school students. To be inducted into BETA club a student must uphold an academic record of nothing below a B average for the semester grades. It is a great honor to be apart of this exclusive club. The sponsers, Mandy Wakefield and Dana Baker, strive to uphold the integrity of the club by ensuring the students inducted behave in a manner that abides with the BETA characteristics. Each year the sponsers handpick members of the club to compete in the state and national BETA convention. Students that compete are chosen with the knowlege of their skills and strength that will be of use in different types of competitions. BETA is not all about academic tests either. There are many competitions in the field of the arts such as, portfolio, character-skit, pencil drawing, and many more. 

Key Club

The first Key Club organization was formed in 1925 by Albert C. Olney and Frank C. Vincent. The club's main purpose is to fill itself with students that are willing to help the community and school in whatever way possible. Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students in the world. Once a student is inducted into Key Club that must serve at least 50 community service hours to be allowed to stay in the club. Key Club is the host of many amazing functions around our small town such as, the annual harvest festival. Key Club attends a convention once a year where they compete in a multitude of areas, with students whose skills lie within those areas. The sponser of the Key Club at WCHS is Nyssa Haley. She has put in many hours as the sponser to make the club as best as it can possibly be. It is a source of pride to be apart of the school's Key Club and shows the mark of a giving heart.